Private Yoga Instruction

Though one might not know it by looking at today's popular, packed yoga studios, yoga has traditionally been taught one-on-one. No two people are exactly alike, and private yoga instruction gives you an opportunity to have a practice tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whatever your goals may be -- to reduce stress, stretch and strengthen, heal injuries, engage in prenatal or postnatal exercise, or find a clearer mind - private lessons are a convenient way to receive the individualized instruction that you need.

Whether you are brand new to yoga or a more advanced student, I will help you identify and follow through with your goals - body, mind and spirit. We'll incorporate breathing techniques, postures, meditations, yoga philosophy, and life skills coaching to help you develop a personal practice and advance your study of yoga. Your comfort is very important to me -- I will answer any questions you have as you go, and move at a pace that is tailored to your needs.

Sessions are offered in-person or via Skype/FaceTime.