Yoga Teacher Mentoring

There is a often a large gap between our yoga teacher training program and the actual realities of being a professional yoga teacher or yoga therapist. A 200 or 500 hour training often only feels like a drop in the bucket! With 17 years of teaching experience under my belt, I love to mentor teachers and help them become them become more clear about their dreams and goals. 

One-on-one mentorship is tailored specifically for you and works to support your educational and career goals. Subjects covered may include:

  • Finding your authentic voice as a teacher
  • Becoming specific about your goals and creating actionable steps to reach them   
  • Business and marketing development
  • Making yoga accessible to all
  • Designing and leading workshops and retreats
  • Effective cuing and sequencing
  • Overcoming fear and sharing your unique gifts as a teacher
  • Learning how to set appropriate boundaries with clients 

I want to help you refine your teaching and business practices so that you can better understand both your gifts and your challenges. In between sessions, you will be asked to engage in reading assignments, homework, and personal reflection.

Sessions are 60 minutes are offered in-person or on Skype.