Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Take yoga out of the studio and into your workplace! 

Unfortunately, today’s work environment is often filled with stressful situations. It is not uncommon for employees to be overwhelmed with long hours and commutes, demanding deadlines, office politics, and a sedentary lifestyle. Many employees lose valuable amounts of work time due to common cold, low back pain, migraines, carpel tunnel syndrome, and simple burnout. Each year, more businesses are finding that offering yoga in the workplace is a helpful, low-cost, preventative health care measure. Employees that are happy and healthy are more productive and efficient -- which creates a better work environment for all.

Breathe Deep Yoga provides on-site classes to corporations, schools, and non-profits in the greater Los Angeles area. We are happy to work with you to tailor a program specifically to your needs that can be offered before, during, or after your workday. Our corporate classes, workshops, and retreats are appropriate for all levels and abilities -- beginners are welcome!  

Yoga can help:

  • Increase work performance and efficiency
  • Boost morale and interpersonal communication
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce back pain and carpal tunnel symptoms 

Current and previous clients include: LACMA, HUGE, CBRE, Disney, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, ABC, Standard Hotel Spa, Equinox Fitness Clubs, and more.